Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Quote of the Next Moment

Great passions are for the great of soul, and great events can be seen only by those who are on a level with them. We think we can have our emotions for nothing. We cannot. Even the finest and most self-sacrificing emotions have to be paid for. Strangely enough, that is what makes them fine. The intellectual and emotional life of ordinary people is a very contemptible affair. Just as they borrow their ideas from a sort of circulating library of thought--the Zeitgeist of an age that has no soul and send them back soiled at the end of each week--so they always try to get their emotions on credit, or refuse to pay the bill when it comes in. We must pass out of that conception of life; as soon as we have to pay for an emotion we shall know its quality and be the better for such knowledge.--Oscar Wilde, de Profundis

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Quote of the Moment

"The more you consume, the less you think." -Vivienne Westwood

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

God in a Test Tube

We here at G2S are pretty interested in spirituality, mysticism, transcendence--all that crap totally fascinates us. Which is why we were so intrigued by this article from the Independent UK announcing that " A universal mystical experience with life-changing effects can be produced by the hallucinogen contained in magic mushrooms."

According to the article,
For the US study, 30 middle-aged volunteers who had religious or spiritual interests attended two eight-hour drug sessions, two months apart, receiving psilocybin in one session and a non-hallucinogenic stimulant, Ritalin, in the other. They were not told which drug was which.

One third described the experience with psilocybin as the single most spiritually significant of their lifetimes and two thirds rated it among their five most meaningful experiences.

In more than 60 per cent of cases the experience qualified as a "full mystical experience" based on established psychological scales, the researchers say. Some likened it to the importance of the birth of their first child or the death of a parent.

The effects persisted for at least two months. Eighty per cent of the volunteers reported moderately or greatly increased well-being or life satisfaction. Relatives, friends and colleagues confirmed the changes.

Both SO and I have taken lots of drugs, though he has taken most of the drugs made by profit-driven, degenerate profligates with little regard for human life and sold by surly guys in dirty jeans with no last names, while I have taken most of the drugs made by profit-driven, degenerate profligates with little regard for human life and sold by surly guys in rumpled lab coats with name tags. I admit I've become even more of a pharmaceutical coward than I used to be: I've always preferred my drugs best when insurance pays for them and I can sue somebody if they don't do what they're supposed to, but I don't take them as readily as I used to--just because a doctor writes out a prescription doesn't mean I fill it.

Among the prescription drugs I've taken are plenty of psycho-active ones. Having had plenty of surgery, I've had plenty of morphine, and it does indeed do interesting things to your mind. And although I'm less willing than I used to be to swallow docilely and unqestioningly any pill some doctor getting kickbacks from a drug company wants to me and my insurance company to pay for, I am willing to make certain sacrifices in my quest for enlightenment. Believe me, if I ever hear about another round of this experiment, or a legalized version of the drug administered, I'll be first in line to try it.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Validate My Love

This is the status of my request to be Madonna's myspace friend. It's been six weeks. I know she's touring and probably has little time between her children, travelling and crucifictions. It just makes me feel like this is the story of my life:

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Monkey Love

Oh yeah, kids. It's that time of the season when we celebrate a little Monkey Love.

This is a photo of Charlton Heston making out with an ape chick. He loves monkeys almost as much as he loves guns.

Oh, Charlton Heston! Charlton Heston! Come back to the Planet of the Apes, Charlton Heston!

Incidentally, I have a tee shirt with this image printed on it. I used to think it was funny. Now I just think it's sad.