Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pity the Poor Guy

I have always felt sorry for Guy Ritchie. I mean, really. He makes a couple of interesting movies that attract a lot of attention, including Madonna's. She marries him, and his career goes down the crapper.

Now they're splitting, and rumor has it that Guy is going after her millions--she's worth about 15 times more than he is. I can't help hoping he gets so of it. He needs something to get his career going again, and some of her money, along with a sense that he's reclaimed his own identity, might help.

For the record, I have no great affection for Guy Ritchie--I just think it's probably really hard being married to Madonna, and I think she'll recover from the breakup more easily than he has, because after all she's done more while being married than he has. This doesn't mean I feel sorry for her other exes. I can't manage to feel sorry for Sean Penn--he was an asshole to Madge. And I still love Madge, in that way you love a crazy family member you still hope you don't have to sit by at Thanksgiving.


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